Business Televison
BLU TV, now available on Roku, is a premiere business and entertainment channel for the entrepreneur looking to stay motivated, get re-energized, or simply to glean valuable nuggets and trade secrets from their favorite top players in the industry. For the true entrepreneur, business is not only what we do to make a living, but it is our passion and obsession. Truly successful people know that mastering a good morning routine is the foundation to prosperity. This generally consists of exercise, eating healthy, and enriching their minds through reading, listening to podcasts or lectures in order to stay sharp and be at the top of their game. BLU TV not only provides exciting and entertaining content for entrepreneurs and industry leaders, but it is the perfect daily resource to hone your current skills, develop new ones, and adopt the tools and mindset to CRUSH IT in your business and personal life! In the world of entertainment media, there is an ever-growing demand in the market for business television and content. Especially with the popularity and success of shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, Wall Street Warriors, and others. More and more people are trying to start businesses than ever before, and consumers are hungry for an inside look into the world of business and entrepreneurship. BLU Television has joint-ventured with Roku to provide free premium content for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and those seeking great and entertaining shows that provide the perfect combination of motivation and sheer gratification through quality content. The content featured on this channel goes out to over 20 million active subscribers. These subscribers spend over 50 hours on average per month on Roku, many of which are searching for business related content.